Pre-season jibbing a short drive away at Mt. Rose summit


Maggie Galloway

Left to right: Cole McCough, Ridge Dirksmeir, Jack Hedden, and Beck Otteson making the preseason set up perfect at Mt. Rose summit.

Maggie Galloway, Editor

On Monday October 11 2021, Mount Rose got its first dusting of snow for the 2021-2022 winter. For some psychotic individuals in the ski & snowboard community this is known as FDOH, first day on hill. A couple of these individuals include Sierra Nevada University Ski and Snowboard Team members Beck Otteson, Ridge Dirksmeier, and Cole McCough.
“My immediate thought when I heard there was snow on Rose was ‘oh, there’s snow. It doesn’t matter how much snow, but there’s snow.’” Otteson said. “So naturally, I went up there and worked with what I could because I was so excited to snowboard.”
“If there’s more than an inch, there’s something to work with,” Dirksmeier said. “We went up there asap.”
The boys took 4 inches of snow and turned it into a preseason paradise.
“As we were hiking up the mountain,” Otteson said. “A patch of snow with a perfect drop in appeared in front of our path out of nowhere. Hidden in the trees around the patch of snow were a bunch of jibbable features.”
“We’re talking corrugated pipes, pvc pipes, and 2 perfect flat bars,” McCough said.
The word about the set up got spread around the Tahoe Basin bringing multiple excited skiiers and snowboarders to the scene.
“Preseason vibes are honestly the best vibes of the season,” Otteson said. “Everyone just sits around thinking about what tricks they want to try on snow all summer and when they finally get the chance to be back on snow, it feels amazing.”
“People are just so hyped to be backsliding rails and back on their firggin sticks that slide on snow,” Dirksmeier said. “The vibes were unreal.”
Within the next week, Tahoe had some expected snow showers.
“We’re supposed to get snow sometime this week, so we’re hoping for a refresh,” McCough said.
“It’s looking especially low tide right now up there,” Dirksmeier said. “We’ve had to fix the run in and run out of the rails every single day for the last 5 days but it’s so worth it.”
With dreams of lapping Boreal’s park, dropping the Palisades at Palisades, and Crystal Ridge laps at Diamond Peak, the SNU snow teams will be getting their fix on a corrugated tube and 4 inches of snow mixed with dirt in the meantime.