Guest opinion: Increase campus water stations to eliminate plastic waste

Dave Nunes, Guest column

Do you drink water?

Chances are you do. If you drink water and attend or are associated with Sierra Nevada University, then this problem concerns you.

Water is something we all need every day. Especially when you add in physical activity (a popular thing in Tahoe). The problem here that needs to be addressed is the lack of water fountains on our campus.

There are almost no water fountains around our school. For the outdoors, it makes more sense because you have to buy a more expensive fountain that prevents the water from freezing, but indoors there is no excuse. There is one water fountain in Campbell-Friedman Hall, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

All sinks around Tahoe provide crystal-clear drinking water, which is great, and maybe that’s why we have no fountains. But what if you’re a visitor or a student who lives off campus? Your only accessible drinking water is from the bathroom, and that isn’t the most sanitary or realistic sole source of public drinking water for our school.

Ever heard of a university with almost no water fountains? Probably not. If the school had more water bottle filling/drinking stations, it would provide a great value to our active and thirsty students and staff. With fewer fountains, it’s harder to make water bottle life work. This can lead to certain situations where buying a plastic water bottle is your only option, which, as we all know, should be avoided as much as possible.

With more water fountains it will give even more of an incentive for students to switch to using water bottles, and will also keep us better hydrated, ready to learn, and energized so that we can enjoy our beautiful home to the fullest extent.

Dave Nunes is a Sierra Nevada University sophomore.