Sierra Nevada University snowsports programs brought home the hardware during the USCSA National Championships earlier this month

Below is a list of all results from the championships in Lake Placid, NY, courtesy of USCSA


Eagle's Eye Staff

All photos courtesy of USCSA

Alpine Men Team Combined:

1st: Rocky Mountain College

2nd: Sierra Nevada University

3rd: Castleton University

SNU Alpine Men Slalom Individual:

3rd: Adrian Rhomberg

5th: Vidar Widing

12th: Luka Gobec

SNU Alpine Men Giant Slalom Individual:

2nd: Jordan Cashman

8th: Adrian Rhomberg

12th: Vidar Widing

*Alpine Men Dual Slalom was canceled

Alpine Women Team Combined: 

1st: Sierra Nevada University

2nd: Castleton University

3rd: Hobart and William Smith Colleges

SNU Alpine Women Slalom Individual:            

1st: Sixtine Piccard

5th: Tiia Nurminen

9th: Viivi Hamalainen

SNU Alpine Women Giant Slalom Individual:

1st: Sixtine Piccard

4th: Misel Marovt

5th: Tiia Nurminen

* Alpine Women Dual Slalom was canceled

Freeski Men Team Combined:

1st: University of Colorado Boulder

2nd: Sierra Nevada University

3rd: Rocky Mountain College

SNU Freeski Men Rail Jam Individual:

1st: Cole Lyon

6th: Dylan Burch

12th: Sam McChesney

SNU Freeski Men Skier Cross Individual: 

4th: Jordan Cashman

56th: Cole Lyon

59th: Sam McChesney

* Freeski Men Slopestyle was canceled


Snowboard Men Team Combined:

1st: Westminster College

2nd: Sierra Nevada University

3rd: Liberty University

SNU Snowboard Men Rail Jam Individual:

1st: Alex Schoff

5th: David Nunes

11th: Tyler Sites

SNU Snowboard Men Slopestyle Individual:

2nd: Alex Schoff

9th: Tyler Sites

32nd: David Nunes

SNU Snowboard Men Boarder Cross Individual:

6th: Tyler Sites

14th: David Nunes

21st: Alex Schoff



Snowboard Women Team Combined:

1st: Westminster College

2nd: Liberty University

3rd: Sierra Nevada University

SNU Snowboard Women Rail Jam Individual: 

5th: Nikkie Starick

9th: Maggie Galloway

13th: Kayla Heidenreich

SNU Snowboard Women Slopestyle Individual: 

2nd: Nikkie Starick

9th: Kayla Heidenreich

12th: Maggie Galloway

SNU Snowboard Women Boarder Cross Individual:

11th: Kayla Heidenreich

18th: Nikkie Starick

31st: Alina Peftieva