Faculty Profile: Jonathan Breiter


Nate Putnam, Reporter

The smell of freshly brewed coffee filling the room, the sun shedding bits of light on Sierra Nevada College, signaling the start of a new day. Sorting through papers and lesson plans, assistant professor Jonathan Breiter welcomes students into class, sharing his extensive life knowledge throughout the material with the hope of inspiring success in his students.

“If I can give back any of that detail and data to students to inspire and motivate them, to let them know they can do anything they set their hearts on, that’s a great thing” Breiter said.

Breiter has worked in the business field for 40 years with much success, including working for seven different billion-dollar companies, all the while, traveling around the world and seeing it from different perspectives. He sees this phase of his career as the experience of a lifetime to open up opportunities and to give back

“With Wendy’s, I traveled all through Europe. Amazing. Eye-opening. And it changed my life,” he said.

Growing up Breiter looked up to character Darrin Stephens on Be- witched who was in account management on the show, and ever since he wanted to be in business.

Living in New York as a kid brought many skills and experiences that helped him on this path. Being a very fast-paced, business- filled hub where he lived, he knew it was what he had to do.

After studying advertising at Boston College, Breiter’s father asked him what he was going to do. All Brieter wanted at the time was to get a job in advertising. Being the ‘80s advertising was a very tough career to pursue. His father said he should go get his master’s degree, and focus on getting a better education. This stuck with him and he now instills in his students to always learn, and to be more interested.

“Be a student for the rest of your life,” he said. “Don’t ever give up learning.”

More opportunities popped up the more Breiter worked, but his biggest one he encountered in his first job. His boss became his greatest mentor, helping him learn skills you can only get from actual work experience.

“He taught me how to business write, develop strategies for marketing so one could capture value and unique selling propositions,” he said. “He taught me how to make things different.”

Working as a professor for SNC, he’s been able to mentor students and give advice to many others, creating opportunities for students to better themselves in school and after.

“I believe it’s very important to have a mentor,” he said.

Breiter is still involved with and helping start-up businesses, and enjoys having his foot in both worlds of entrepreneurship and education. He says he is eager to see what happens here, leading the entrepreneurship program, and bringing the Entrepreneurship Honor Society to the school. He plans to bring a Leadership Honor Society chapter here soon as well.

“Here, still teaching and giving back,” he said “I see myself here in the next five years.”