‘Wild Women’ club returns to campus


SNC alumna Marina McCoy, founder of the Wild Women of Tahoe Club, rock climbs in Bishop, California. | Photo courtesy: Marina McCoy

Elizabeth White, Editor

SNC alumna Marina McCoy, founder of the Wild Women of Tahoe Club, rock climbs in Bishop, California.
| Photo courtesy: Marina McCoy

Two years ago I was lying in bed, laptop perched on my pillow, searching for schools in the Tahoe area. When Sierra Nevada College appeared on my computer screen, I was drawn by the beauty of the campus, the programs that were offered, and one thing in particular – The Wild Women of Tahoe Club.
The Wild Women professed to an idea of empowering fellow women through outdoor pursuits. I had never seen a club at a school that was literally just for women who want to go be outside, challenge each other to try new things, and empower one another. The tipping point for me to attend SNC and not go back home to attend Indiana University was, believe it or not, this club. I was in love with the idea of hiking up Mount Tallac, climbing granite rocks in Bishop, or backcountry skiing in Tahoe with a rad, confident group of outdoorsy women. So when I finally came to SNC, got settled, and went searching for The Wild Women of Tahoe, you can imagine my dismay once I found out that the club was gone because no one had continued its legacy.
A year later, I was sitting on the beach with a close friend ranting and raving about how nice it would be to have the club around, so we decided that we should take the initiative to start it back up again. So now in 2019, the Wild Women of Tahoe will be back thanks to yours truly (and VP, Hannah Smith) – with even more outdoor events.
Hannah Smith, Vice President of WWOT, is looking forward to the sisterhood.
“I love being outside, and I would like to meet more girl friends who have the same desire,” she said. “To make a rad group of women who can get together and support each other. We need more of that.
“I’m excited to learn to ski, and to get more into climbing. We’ve been thinking about doing a climbing trip to Moab this semester, and we’ll be hosting a trip to Thailand for spring break! The sky is the limit as far as what we can do with this club. Students should join because it’s going to be so much fun! Who doesn’t love a good excuse to get outside, get together, and maybe grab a drink afterwards! And if you get outside a lot already, why not do it with a rad group of women? People who are inexperienced shouldn’t be afraid either – that’s why we welcome women of all experiences. We can all learn from each other.”
Former club member and SNC student Katie O’Hara said before being in WWOT she had always considered herself to be a confident person, but she always had something holding her back.
“When someone would ask me to try something new I’d make excuses not to. I was too afraid of failure… then I went rock climbing and I was really skeptical of it,” O’Hara said. “I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never done this, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it.’ Then I went and did it and realized that it’s as easy as believing in yourself.’”
The Wild Women of Tahoe will be partnering with the climbing, freeski, and whitewater clubs to allow members to experience land, water, and snow activities for all-year-round outdoor adventures, and with an awesome group of women. This year we plan on doing more hikes, climbs, and snow sports than in the past, but we also understand that some may be new to these activities or have health concerns and we are planning accordingly.
WWOT meets on Fridays once or twice a month. Times may vary depending on the activity for that week. Students and members of the Tahoe community can find out times and meeting spots by following the Wild Women of Tahoe Facebook group and checking the club’s events calendar, looking at the events calendar on the circle table in Patterson, or by contacting me at [email protected]!