Summer of ceramics at SNC

Elizabeth White, Reporter

During the summer in Tahoe many people come for paddleboarding, spending lazy days boating around the lake, and hiking to their favorite beaches. While there are many outdoor pursuits available, there are also quite a few indoor endeavors in Incline Village that are available to both students and residents – such as a ceramics workshop that is being offered at the Holman Arts and Media Center to the community.

Students at Sierra Nevada College are already beginning to show interest in the workshops. Hannah Smith was turned onto the idea after taking a ceramics class.

“I loved my beginner’s ceramics class with Sheri (a ceramics instructor at SNC) and I really want to improve my skills,” she said. Smith is also encouraging her friends and peers to join her this summer. “I think college is about trying new things that you’ve never done before so you should take as many classes as you can. You might find a new interest or hobby.”

For Smith, ceramics harkens back to her childhood and family history.

“I’ve been interested ever since I was a little girl,” she said. “I’ve always loved artistic things, drawing and painting. Also, my mom took pottery in college and loved it, she still has all of her cups that she made.

“I’m pretty sure my friend, who is now a photographer, first tried out photography in college and now that’s what he does for a living. You just have to step outside your comfort zone. If you exercise your creative energy you feel better in the long run. Also, ceramics is super rewarding because at the end of it you get to see an item that you made yourself that you can use in your daily life, it’s so cool!”

Junior environmental science and ODAL major Porschia Kaiser also wants to join summer workshop because she enjoys “dabbling in the arts.”

“I enjoyed ceramics,” she said. “Sheri even told me that I should change my major to ceramics. When I center the clay on the wheel, I center myself. It’s my own personal therapy. All of my stress flows through my fingers and into the clay that I’m molding and takes form. Everything weighing on my brain is now personified before me and I feel the weight lift off my shoulders. There’s nothing like that energy flow that I feel.”

There are a few different ceramics workshops being offered over the summer at Sierra Nevada College, those listed are a workshop that runs June 10-July 26, a weekend workshop entitled “Loosen Up, and Break the Rules” on July 20-21. Lastly there is a travel course being offered in Japan from May 19-June 3. Those interested can register online at Sierra Nevada College’s website!