Faculty Profile: Christina Frederick

SNC psychology chair a second mom to students

Alma Ramirez-Sanchez, Reporter

Being a mom of three may be difficult, but it’s even harder when you have other “children” to look out for. Associate Professor and Psychology Chair Christina Frederick balances both her home life and her passion for teaching. “Frederick gives you that mom vibe,” Senior Gabby Ariganello said. “She feeds us.”

Frederick influences is felt by many of her students. She makes time with them, no matter the circumstance.

“I want to make sure my students get what they need. I’m always available,” Fredrick said. “It could be 6 a.m. when they shoot me a text. I’m awake so I’ll reply.”

Frederick was born and raised in Davis, Calif., where she finished her undergrad at UC Davis and her graduate studies at UC Berkeley, with a degree in cognitive psychology. Frederick earned her master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology from UC Berkeley, which she completed in one year.

She started her teaching career as an assistant professor at Mississippi University for Women. In 2008, she came to the Lake Tahoe area, and started teaching at SNC in 2009. Since then Frederick has been a positive force for her students and peers.

“I love teaching, I find it very rewarding,” Frederick said.

Frederick has a laugh that can be heard throughout the library. She seems to always be accompanied by a few of her students.

“She is always making sure everyone is on top of it,” Senior Ryan Knuppenburg said. “She pushes me to go above and beyond of what I didn’t even know I was capable of.”

Frederick said she loves having the opportunity of influencing people and seeing the enthusiasm on their faces when they find out a research paper got published.

Frederick says one of her favorite classes is Psych 101, which is where students figure out the basics of psychology.

“I love when I’m teaching a subject and a student shouts, I had no idea this was psychology. It’s very neat,” Frederick said.

Frederick is also very passionate about the SNC Psych Fair, where every senior student presents a subject they choose and explains it to their audience.

“You learn by doing,” Frederick said. “It is nice to get to pick a subject you are interested in, it gives the student a lot of enthusiasm.”

Frederick keeps in touch with previous students. Morgan Burke, class of 2014, consults Frederick for advice on work or other struggles.

“I’m super thankful for Christina, I’m happy she allows me to continue working in the Psychology Program,” Burke said. “It really shows the kindness she has.”

Outside of SNC campus, Frederick loves spending her free time with her kids. Being able to see them play and get creative. She also enjoys taking pictures and having the opportunity to share them with her friends.

“I love taking photos of my family, my psych family, and all of the memorable moments we have together,” Frederick said.

“Not only is it a great time capsule for me, but it shows the larger community what a great time we have as psych students at SNC.”