Profile: Steve Hamilton, The IT Go-to Man

Steve Hamilton works on one of the many computers that come in
to the IT department for repairs.

Zoe Tuttle

Steve Hamilton works on one of the many computers that come in to the IT department for repairs.

When a computer breaks, a laptop can’t connect to the printer, or the computer servers go down, where do people go to fix the problem? The Information Technology Help Desk in the basement of Prim Library. It’s where Steve Hamilton thrives, and he loves assisting students with any technical issues they might have.

“My favorite thing about SNC is helping students. I love coming to work every single morning. Helping students makes my life a lot better,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton is originally from Redding, California and started working at SNC in 2010. His extensive computer know-how has come from skills he taught himself.

“I’ve been a computer technician for 28 years,” Hamilton said. “I had my own business in Redding, and then my friend found this position working in SNC’s IT depart ment, and so I applied and got the job.

“I love SNC more than any of my jobs before. I could not ask for a better boss. Nicole Burley is the best boss I’ve ever had,” Hamilton said.

In his free time, Hamilton sees Lake Tahoe from the sky. He sends out a quad copter drone to 16,000 feet up and lets it scout out the scenery. His drone can travel 3 miles from where he is, and at the push of a button, it will return. It has a camera that streams a live feed back to his iPad, providing perfectly smooth and steady video.

“It’s like you’re flying the drone from the inside. You’re looking out the camera and you’re seeing what the camera sees on the iPad,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s love of electronics began when he was very young. “I’ve always been into electronics, probably since I was 5 years old. I used to build remote control cars out of parts,” he said. Once he ripped apart his sister’s clock and put it all back together in about an hour. “And the clock still worked,” he added.

As Hamilton grew up, he turned from remote control cars to “real” cars. He still owns a classic 1967 Camaro that he likes to drive around Carson City, where he lives.

Here at SNC, Hamilton’s workday doesn’t end when the help desk closes. Hamilton often takes his work home with him, and he says he doesn’t mind. “I love helping students. I would pretty much do anything for them,” Hamilton said. “I don’t ever want to leave this college. I always say that I’ll stay here until the students don’t want me anymore.”

The most difficult task Hamilton has faced at SNC was a time when the servers turned off. “It took me about 20 minutes to get everything turned back on,” Hamilton said. “There has only been one or two things in the seven years that I’ve been here that I could not fix. My motto is ‘I don’t stop until it’s done.’”